Friday, 29 April 2011

On the subject of "getting in shape"

This can be a complicated subject.. but ill give you some tips and over view.

In essense looking in better shape is - Body Fat percentage Or gaining some more muscle

to over simplify- losing Fat is done by burning more calories everyday then you take in
one professor lost 20 pounds in a few months by only eating twinkies and some vegies.. making a point that counting calories Alone can help you lose fat. (although i wouldnt suggest a twinkie diet)

The Quickest way to lose fat and get in Shape
simply learning and reading about your options will give you motivation and even help you make subconscious choices
stay away from white carbohydrates as a start
bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta
count your calories, dont have too many sugars, stay away form ice cream, soda, candy
Eat Fruits and Veggies
good for health, energy, and everything else
when you substitute your food cravings with fruits and veggies, you lose your hunger, burn calories, and gain vitamins and energy
Don’t drink calories
we get a huge percentage of calories from drinks with sugar
Soda has absolutely no nutritional benefits.
Drink water
cardio vascular exercises-  certain exercises that get your blood flowing and heart beating at a certain rate.
Running, elliptical, quick set to set exercise stations, High Interval Training Sessions..
Do Complex weight exercise (target many diffent groups of muscles at 1 time)
Benching, squats, dead lifts, pull ups, military press (youtube them)
Bulk up in order to lose fat
simply making your legs more muscular will help you lose fat all over your body, and improve your build.
same with any other musle.
Working a muscle out will cause it to burn calories, recovering itself, for days.
Eat high in protein so the muscles grow back faster, larger, and stronger

Final Tips and specifications
Figure out how many calories you take in on a given day.
figure out how much someone your size and weight should be eating.
eat 500 below it.
 Do Hight Intensity Interval Training after lifting sessions

-when you lose fat, you lose it equally all over your body, in other words you can Not target areas.
so you Can Not get a 6 pack by just doing a lot of situps - you obtain a 6 pack by losing enough body fat that your muscles are visible, throught the fat over your stomach area.
-Eat foods that speed up the metabolism.
-Eat less food more often, so your matabolism is always in motion.
-Take one day off per week. You dont want your muscles getting used to the same exercises or they'll stop having an effect. if you're doing 50 push ups a day, it will get easier and easier and stop having an effect on your body. you want to come at them from different angles and different weights, with proper rest in between.
-Take in more calcium, good effect on metabolism
-i suggest going to chairopractors or physical therapists if youre having pain. they Are life savers
making sure not to make one muscle in a given part of the body too strong for the others surrounding it.. having spine imbalance and having imbalances such as your thigh being too strong for your hamstring.. you can cause imbalances in hips, feet, and so on. which led to Many bad leg injuries, or muscle, knee, bone pain..
-And if you want to Gain weight and muscles.. Take in more carbs and calories, lift heavier and take in More Protein!


  1. I've been a professional weight lifter for a few years now, and I can tell you there's two very important things to looking good:
    -Eating loads of carbs and calories a few hours before a big workout

  2. I've been on a fat losing diet for a couple months now, been going well and generally feeling better. Little changes make a big difference.