Sunday, 29 May 2011

Incarna Release date... RELEASED!

21st of June folks, mark it in your calenders as the Incarna Expansion will be released for the MMORPG Eve Online! Get your Free 14 Day Trial HERE for a step up into the New Eden Universe

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Birthday Presents!

So it was my birthday during the week, starting to feel old already lol

Hopefully be getting some motors for my Quad! I'll keep you all posted! :P

Thursday, 19 May 2011

EVE Online: Incursion 1.5 has been deployed!!!!

This latest release from Team BFF contains many sought after changes and fixes to blueprints, agents and missions and a revamp of the ‘Connections’ skills which will result in players getting free skill points to spend. A full list of changes and fixes is available in the patch notes. More information about Incursion 1.5 can be found in the feedback thread here and an issues thread can be found here.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beast Skills

Something i've wanted to play around with for a long time are some basic gymnastics to improve functional strength. For example, i have never been able to do more than 3 pull ups which i think is pathetic! I found this website that give some seriously good tutorials on some technical moves! I should start training! :P

Finished Year 2 college! Incursion 1.5 Patch Notes! YAY!!! :D

Finished college for another year... well August anyway, i know i failed maths horribly!

Anyway patch day coming up folks! Release date is 19th of May, be sure to have a long skill on!!! :P If you want to try Eve Online out, Click HERE for a 14 day trial account!

  • Unique icons have been created for Blueprint originals and Blueprint copies so you can visibly differentiate between them.
Need for Speed
  • We have enhanced the profiling suite which gives us better eyes on the server and what it is executing. This functionality allows us to view what actions cause specific issues and provides us with graphical representations. In short, this is good for Team Gridlock who love to fight lag and keep hamsters alive.
  • The capabilities of the onboard scanner have been substantially increased. The range is now 64 AU and the delay to return results is only 10 seconds.
  • Ships with jumpdrives are now unable to use jump bridges with the exception of ships belonging to the Black Ops ship category.
Agents & Missions
  • Agent Quality has been removed meaning that all Agents are now +20 in terms of payout and -20 in terms of access. Go forth, Capsuleers, and explore the world outside of Motsu and Dodixie.
  • Agent Divisions have been simplified from 20 down to just 3. The new Security, Distribution and Mining divisions now provide uniform types of missions instead of a mission type that was percentage based.
  • Accompanying the changes to Agent Divisions, seven ‘Connection’ skills will be removed. The skill books of the old connection skills will be replaced with their new equivalents which are listed below. Players who have the old skills already trained will have those skills removed and receive replacement skillbooks in the hangar of their home station and have the skillpoints reimbursed.
  • Bureaucratic Connections and Financial Connections will be replaced with Distribution Connections.
  • High Tech Connections, Military Connections and Political Connections will be replaced with Security Connections.
  • Labor and Trade Connections will be replaced with Mining Connections.
Science & Industry
  • When attempting to start a Manufacturing job without all the required materials, the quote window now retains focus. A refresh button has been added so that you can add the correct amount of materials and proceed without having to restart the process.
  • The Incursion Global Report featured the label 'System Control', this has been renamed to the more accurate description 'Constellation Control'.
  • Incursion Encounters reward graphs featured the label 'Reward payout ratio' which has been re-named with the more accurate label 'Reward Multiplier'.
User Interface
  • The scroll position in the fleet window now retains or returns to its previous position when fleet members join, leave or move.
  • When holding down ‘alt’, your probes will scale around the center, making it easier to adjust them. A green line has added to make it more intuitive.
  • The Fleet History tab has been re-worked and streamlined so that instead of multiple tabs, there is now a single tab with filter options.
  • When opening Fleet from the Neocom, you'll be taken directly to the fleet finder.
  • Information on a pilot's standings towards NPC corporations is no longer visible from 'Show Info'. You now see the standings information between you and the other pilot and the factions you each belong to.
Exploration & Deadspace
  • Several Sansha agents had infiltrated cosmic anomaly locations in Serpentis claimed space. The Serpentis have now regained control from these rogue elements.
  • One anomaly site could not be detected from a type of Infrastructure Hub upgrade. This lost site can now be located properly.
  • The DED Complexes, Blood Raider 9 of 10 and Serpentis 8 of 10, have been examined and now work correctly.
User Interface
  • The fleet icon that indicates that loot-logging is enabled has been removed since loot-logging is always enabled.
  • A re-sized contract window would reset to the default size each time a contract was opened. The contract window now retains the adjusted size.
  • Some entries in the Attributes tab in Show Info windows were previously formatted in unintuitive ways, such as ‘Can’t be activated in warp: 1’, or were missing their units, such as ‘Fuel required: 30,000’. Many of these have now been tidied up, so for example they now read ‘Can’t be activated in warp: True’ and ‘Fuel required: 30,000 units’
  • Several changes for consistency and linguistic issues have been made throughout the game for both the German and Russian clients.
  • The fleet UI has been revised for consistency and linguistic issues in the German client
  • The translation of ‘warp’, in the Russian client, is now complemented with the original term in parentheses wherever it has been deemed important for communication with English-speaking players.
  • For consistency and stylistic reasons, the terminology for Drones in the market categories has been revised in the German client. In addition, all drone related text has been revised for consistency and linguistic issues.
  • Terms changed are:
    • Fighters – Jäger
    • Fighter Bombers – Jagdbomber
    • Medium Scout Drones - Mittlere Aufklärungsdrohnen
    • Drone Upgrades – Drohnenupgrades
    • Combat Utility Drones – Kampfunterstützungsdrohnen
    • Logistic Drones – Versorgungsdrohnen

Friday, 13 May 2011

AeroQuad with GoPro???

So i was thinking more about my Aeroquad project (still waiting for my parts :( ) and it struck me that if the quad was stable enough it could double as a nice platform to make some sweet videos. I saw a few on youtube using and small digital camera knows as a HD GoPro, used for bikers or surfers to make videos by attaching them to a helmet or to the board respectfully. This would let me capture some seriously high quality footage of irelands lovely countryside. I suppose the only downside is it relies on my being a half decent pilot :-S

I'll keep ye posted on plans, there is no point spending more cash on cameras if i don't have the quad to build lol

Check the Amazon links above for HD GoPro Deals!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Eve Online - Incarna

About 2 weeks ago CCP, owners of Eve Online released a sneak peak of Incarna, the codename for Eve Ambulation project AKA Walking in Stations, onto one of its test servers. Now unfortunately for me i don't have the power to run it on this laptop but a friend of mine hoped on a sent me a video showing the sheer awesomeness of what CCP have done. Disclaimer: Not finished product

Incarna will be a major stepping stone in the Evolution of Eve Online, last summer CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson released a clip of a game known as Dust 514 which will allow console users play in the Eve universe as ground troops for planetary warfare!

CCP offer a 14 day free trial to allow new players to get a taster for the game before they subscribe, CLICK HERE if you want to give it a whirl.

Monday, 9 May 2011

1 Down 2 to go!

1 exam down and now i have to get my head around Electronic Instrumentation in 2 days! Yikes! I'll never leave this cramming business to the last minute ever again!

Sorry for the lack of updates, as you can tell I'm preoccupied.... Found a USB outside my apartment today, the CV is atrocious! How the fuck do polish get employed? Thinking of rewriting the entire thing for this person before i offer to hand it back...

If your bored check out my other 2 blogs, plenty of different topics to read about :) 

Hope everyone is well!

Friday, 6 May 2011

QR Codes

Deadly new site for QR Codes, i was thinking how powerful these would be for advertising to a specific audience, like a Caption and then the Code below, or even for secret messages... With everyone having a smart phone now a days they could pass along any message!


My new favourite running tune

New tune i heard for the first time in the club last night, epic running tune!! WOOP!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Coach Troy will be my saviour!

I just found this guy on youtube giving amazing hints and tips for training!

Any fitness gurus out there, have a look, great stuff!!

Galway Hackerspace

I recently joined Galway hackerspace 091labs to have a place to go to fool about with electronics and computers. I've been a member for about 4 months and so far i like it. The space is massive and is also used for woodworking, art and meditaiton, you know the usual hippy stuff.

I've done a few classes on programming, which i honestly don't know if i will continue, some LAN nights and some Linux intro nights.

If your ever in galway, be sure to drop into us, here is our card ;)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Ding dong the witch is dead

So i get in the door at 4 am last night and i'm looking at the BBC news and just as i'm about to switch off and go to bed we get BREAKING NEWS!

So so the world biggest game of Wheres Wally comes to a close

I'm taking the day off

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pulsejet in construction!!

I've just learned that my dad is gathering components to build a pulsejet engine! I wanted to have one built for my technical project module in college but the Umpa Lumpa (engineer) department didn't come through on there end of the deal!

I might actually get it done before summer is up! :P

A Pulse jet uses works when a spark is introducted to the fueled chamber of the engine, forcing hot gases out the inlet and exhaust. The explosion causes a void within the chamber and as fresh fuel and air (from the inlet) re-enter the chamber, hot gases from the exhaust also get drawn in and re-ignite the mixture. The process repeats until fuel or inlet air is removed.

Heres one i made using a simple Jam Jar and a bit of model nitro fuel. If you wish to try at home, you will need a standard glass jar and a pan for water (coolant: important or the glass shatters before the fuel is spent). I drilled a 25mm hole in the centre of the metal lid (will differ depending on the size of your jar), add the fuel, shake and ignite.

Have fun and be safe

Team Hoyt!

Heres a motivation video of 2 of the most recognizable faces of Ironman, in my opinion. Hell of a story!