Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Facebook IPO slipping down a hill

The initial hype of Facebook Inc starting to trade on the market is soon going to wear off as people realize that what they bought for $37 per share is now (as of 11:03 Wednesday (GMT)) worth just $31 per share ( in the red -3.03 (-8.9%) from opening) 

I have no doubt that after a year or 2 the price might rise back up but for the short term investors who where looking to make a quick buck i think they were counting there chicks before they hatched (i never understood why some people say "counting there eggs before they hatch".... of course you can count your eggs, if you have 5 eggs you have 5 eggs, doesn't mean your gonna have 5 chicks!)

Still it netted Zuckerberg $1,134,916,000... not bad for a days work

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