Tuesday, 9 April 2013

3D printing startup company - Galway first + Supported by 091labs

So I had to go and sort out work placement for the final module of my course. The problem? No where was hiring me! The place that I was meant to go to pulled out, no one else was taking interns and no one was hiring... solutions people? I need solutions!

Step 1 - Start your own Company
Step 2 - Do work placement there
Step 3 - ???
Step 4 - Profit (literally)

So I set up a 3D Printing and calibration company in Galways hackerspace 091labs with the help of a few members who donated the use of 2 printers, 1 which hadn't been completed and the other broken. I was also given a 3D scanner and a broken CNC milling machine and told to go nuts. And nuts i have gone!

After completing the Mendel90 printer and started running test prints I quickly discovered that 20 m of filament is not enough so i ordered close to €250 worth of roll to get myself off the ground. Its a scare position to put myself in considering the only food i have is whats left in my self and I have no idea where next months rent is coming from. I already have one client and an event coming up to work on that will hopefully take the bit out of most of that receipt but more work needs to be found before I can relax and get comfortable. One of my major advantages is that I'm the only company in Galway offering these services for now, and with the constant flow of artists, students, tourists and entrepreneurs I shouldn't have an issue sourcing work. But the sooner I have 2 operational printers the better.

First Calibration Piece

So should you be a student in need of a final year project, an artist looking for a model, an entrepreneur looking for a rapid prototype or simply a handyman looking for a replacement part or repair, drop me a comment or email for a cheap and cheerful service.

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  1. I am so happy for you for taking the plunge! If you're ever in Tampa look us up...we need makers like you.