Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pulsejet in construction!!

I've just learned that my dad is gathering components to build a pulsejet engine! I wanted to have one built for my technical project module in college but the Umpa Lumpa (engineer) department didn't come through on there end of the deal!

I might actually get it done before summer is up! :P

A Pulse jet uses works when a spark is introducted to the fueled chamber of the engine, forcing hot gases out the inlet and exhaust. The explosion causes a void within the chamber and as fresh fuel and air (from the inlet) re-enter the chamber, hot gases from the exhaust also get drawn in and re-ignite the mixture. The process repeats until fuel or inlet air is removed.

Heres one i made using a simple Jam Jar and a bit of model nitro fuel. If you wish to try at home, you will need a standard glass jar and a pan for water (coolant: important or the glass shatters before the fuel is spent). I drilled a 25mm hole in the centre of the metal lid (will differ depending on the size of your jar), add the fuel, shake and ignite.

Have fun and be safe

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