Monday, 20 August 2012

Aeroquad Shield Construction (v2.0.7 Shield)

This will be a simple guide for the construction of the Aeroquad v2.0.7 Shield, which will act as the interface between the sensors (Gyroscope ITG-3200Accelerometer BMA180, Barometric pressure sensor BMP085, Triple axis Magnetometer HMC5883L and a Logic Level converter) and the Arduino Mega Micro controller.

The v2.0.7 comes with standard header and stacker pins for direct a direct shacking connection between itself and the Shield. You will need a small (18Watt) soldering iron
and some solder to make the connections.
The easy way to solder these in a straight and uniform way would be soldering 1 pin in place then flipping the Shield over to see if its straight. If its not, just reheat the pin and align it until you are happy and remove the soldering iron, then its just a case of heating and tapping the solder to each of the remaining pins and create a solid connection.

When finished it will look like this:

Top view

Bottom view

Next step is to do each of
the Sensors for this particular Shield (Later Shields use different sensor boards). Same procedure as before, simple solder 1 pin in place and ensure it is aligned correctly, then just flip it over and heat and tap until all the connections are made. I was cautious about over exposing the sensors to to much heat at this stage so be careful!
All 5 Sensor boards finished
When all the sensors have been fixed, figure out where they go in relation to your Shield and using some tap to hold them in place solder them all into there final place.

If done right, you can attach the Shield to the Arduino and once the Flight software is uploaded it will start reading out your sensor data!

Happy Soldering!!!
Aeroquad v2.0.7 Shield with Arduino Mega

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