Monday, 20 August 2012

Quadrotor Parts!

I know its a slight deviation from my Obama story but i thought I'd share a bit of exciting news!

My friends father is coming back from the States in the next few days which means that the circuit boards necessary to build my own Quadrotor will sooooooon be in my possession! I can't friggen wait!!!

All the parts had to be bought from a store in the States but the reason i opted to have my transported over rather than just buy directly is simply because i don't want to be raped viciously by Customs and pay extra on stuff I've already spent good money on!

So the parts that i hope will arrive are:  
  • Aeroquad Shield v2.0
  • ITG 3200 Gyros
  • BMA 180 Accelerometers
  • HMC 5843 Magnetometers
  • BMP 085 Barometer
  • Logic Level Converter Board

Here's a simple Amazon Shopping list for some parts if you wish to keep up with my project!

The rest of the part can be bought directly from Sparkfun or most other Electronic hardware stores!

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