Monday, 13 June 2011

Brewing in Galway!!

I got a very interesting email the other day asking me if I'd like to join a group who are starting to brew in Galway as a medium size project.

For my technical project in college i build a temperature control system (Brief explanation) which allowed me to cool a body of water. These guys basically wanted me to keep a system heated at about 40'C, so i looked at my system and adapted it very easily thanks to the awesome power of the Arduino Mega!

The cool thing about all this is that I've been wanting to get involved in a larger project than what I've been doing up until now, this will be the first time someone else has relied on some of my original work! Exciting but a little scary, better make sure everything works lol

For the first batch we plan on producing about 19 litres of Elderflower Champagne and a bit of Cordial to sell at farmers markets. And hey, who knows? Maybe a company will grow out of this :)


  1. Brewing cordial? that different, I've only brewed wine before. mead, to be precise