Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Stretching my legs in Eve Online!

Incarna has been released and is up and running with only minor bugs to worry anyone! For the first time capsuleers can get out of their pod and stretch there legs, and what a job they did.

Granted your confines are cramped but this is just the beginning of a string of releases planned for the Incarna version. I personally can't wait to interact with other capsuleers at bars or in Corporate offices to discuss future operations and plans of galactic conquest.

One issue i do have is the pricing of clothing for capsuleers. Basically in order to get at these "elite" items you convert a 30 day Game Time Card known as a PLEX in exchange for a new currency called AUR, which is used to buy these clothing items on the new market called NeX - Noble Exchange.

Now, a 30 day Game Time Card normally costs about 390mil (which itself has been rising from 320mil when they came out) or about $20.
1 PLEX = 3,500 AUR
Most items in the store cost about 3,000 AUR so thats about $20 per item of clothing
HOWEVER - There is 1 item, the monocle, which does absolutely nothing for the character except puts a bug looking item over his eye, costs a whooping 12,000 AUR or 4 PLEX's, translate.... $80. Now my issue is i don't spend $20 a month on cloths for myself, never mind digital ones for my fucking internet spaceship character to wear.

I reckon its an experiment that CCP are running to test the water for that to charge DUST 514 players for the shiny upgrades. Because DUST 514 has been declared to be a free part of the Eve Online Universe (Read free MMO), bar the initial downlaod cover charge, it plans to make money by selling what i can only assume to be upgraded guns/vehicles/armor for RL cash, which can then be traded for ingame like any other items for ingame currency. That's only speculation, but its something CCP need to look at very closely and fix before people get more annoyed.

As always, to get your free 14 day trial for Eve Online, simple click HERE and maybe i'll see you in space soon!

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  1. Right, I had heard EO recently added TF2-like features. kinda sad